I have studied various styles of Kung-Fu over the last 4 years at two different schools. I don’t consider myself a master of any one style and like you I am a humble student.

Recently I have relocated to Chestertown, MD and because of a lack of Kung-Fu schools in the area I have decided to take it upon myself to bring the art to Kent County.

Specifically I will be working with Masters and Grand Masters out of Georgia, Philadelphia, New York City, and Manchester, New Hampshire to bring more advanced topics to the classes and study groups. From those Sifu’s I will transmit Wing Chun and I Liq Chuan kung-fu to the area.

Kung-Fu is a great art and the basis of all forms of self defence and martial arts.

Though there are many different ways to approach these arts; mindfulness, awareness, self defence and to carry on a linage, how the journey is walked is ultimately up to the practitioner.

Some people study Kung-Fu because they find it a pleasant activity, others because it helps them relax their mind and body, and other because the want to know of to defend themselves. How will you approach it? Maybe you will start one way and end up another, it is up to you.

For me I enjoy the art and carrying it on to new people, I love the self defence aspects, and it is truly a great way to calm the mind – to gain an understand of oneself beyond that of fear and intimidation. For some it finally shows them who they really are and for others they enjoy it socially.

You are free to decide for yourself.