Introduction Wing Chun Lessons


I teach a basic Wing Chun curriculum for students new to the art. Specifically I focus on stance training, basic punching, blocks, two person drills and the first form – Siu Nim Tau.

Siu Nim Tau is considered the dictionary of the Wing Chun style of Kung-Fu.  It contains 50 to 70% of all of the practical movements for Wing Chun self defence.

Wing Chun isn’t an overly taxing style to learn; there are no high kicks, spinning kicks, or difficult to understand philosophies though the art is extremely complex and very dynamic.

This basic training helps you to learn self defence concepts and to better your understanding of your own body and mind as well as that of your opponent if you ever meet one.

Wing chun is primarily a simultaneous block and attack striking art.

If you are interested in walking the path of Wing Chun please email me at